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5,000-year-old settlement found in Sligo

5,000-year-old settlement found in Sligo
trefwoorden: Ierland - Sligo - late steentijd - nederzetting
The Republic's largest Neolithic settlement dating back 5,000 years has been uncovered on a remote mountain - more than 100 years after the site was first mapped by archaeologists.
A small team, led by Dr Stefan Bergh of the Department of Archaeology of NUI Galway, working on the plateau at Mullaghfarna, 250 feet above Lough Arrow, Co Sligo, discovered artefacts which link the site to the late Stone Age, 2,500 to 3,000 years before Christ.
The existence of some of the 140 hut sites and enclosures high up on the plateau in the Brickleigh mountains, surrounded by cliffs and passage tombs has been known to archaeologists since 1911 but until now the age of the settlement has remained a mystery.
"This has remained one of the most enigmatic places in Irish pre-history.
Lees verder in: Belfast Telegraph (17 juli 2003)