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"17th century wreck found off coast of Belgium"

17th century wreck found off coast of Belgium
trefwoorden: BelgiŽ - Nieuwpoort - 17e eeuw - koopvaardijschip
Belgian maritime researchers said on Tuesday they had discovered the preserved wreck of a 17th century merchant ship off the coast of Belgium.
The 30-metre ship had run aground on a sandbank around 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) from the town of Nieuwpoort in Belgian waters. It was well preserved because it was covered by sand.
"Only the nave and the turret of a gun are visible," said Dirk Callebaut, a spokesman for the Institute for Archaeological Heritage, announcing the discovery.
The wreck was found earlier this year and divers have found around 1,000 copper and tin artefacts, including coins, but Callebaut said raising the ship was not a priority.

Gelezen bij: Reuters Alertnet (16 juli 2003)