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"Crock of Byzantine gold found at Abu Sir"

Crock of Byzantine gold found at Abu Sir
trefwoorden: Egypte - Abu Sir - ByzantiŽ - goudvonst - 4e eeuw
A Hungarian archaeological team in Abu Sir, west Alexandria, recently unearthed five gold coins and a gold bracelet dating back to the Byzantine age.
The coins have been taken to the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria to be prepared for display.
Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni, who is also man of Antiquities Authority, said that the artifacts were found in the area known as Tabo Osoris Magna, founded by Ptolemy II ( 282-246 BC), 45 kilometers to the west of Alexandria.
The original temple in this city was dedicated to the cult of Isis and was later converted into a fortress in the Roman era.
The temple was restored during the Byzantine age, Secretary-General of the Supreme-Council for Antiquities said, adding that according to Church records, monks built a church in the fortress courtyard.

Gelezen in: Arabic News (3 juli 2003)