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"Fort sheds light on rich Malay lifestyle"

Fort sheds light on rich Malay lifestyle
trefwoorden: MaleisiŽ - Matang - 19e eeuw
The excavation and restoration at Ngah Ibrahimís fort in Matang has provided a golden opportunity for archaeologists to study the rich lifestyle of Malay aristocracy of the past.
"The work is every archaeologist's dream as he will be able to study how wealthy and influential Malay personalities lived their lives," Museums and Antiquities director-general Datuk Dr Adi Tahar said at the excavation site in Matang, near here, yesterday.
He said with Ngah Ibrahim's house well-kept within the fort, the numerous findings in the form of ceramics, terra cotta tiles, kupang coins, stationery and weapons, among others, would help archaeologists and historians alike to unravel the life of the Larut chieftain and his family.
The excavation and restoration was undertaken by a 40-member team comprising two curators from the antiquities division and local workforce. As the work progressed, the team chanced upon numerous artefacts from the Ngah Ibrahim period between 1856 and 1873.

Lees verder in: New Straits Online (11 juli 2003)