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"Discovery turns out to be rare find"

Discovery turns out to be rare find
trefwoorden: Schotland - picten - cirkels - rotskunst
Aa young lads, Colin Kilgour and Jock Moyes loved nothing better than roaming about the countryside near their homes in Burntisland
One day while playing on some land at the Grange Farm, they came across some strange carvings on an outcrop of rocks.
Being youngsters, they thought little of it at the time but now it has been revealed that Colin and Jock discovered a very rare form of prehistoric rock art which is about 4000 years old and dates back to the bronze age.
Historic Scotland intends to protect the site as a nationally-important monument and the find is set to be included in an important database detailing archaeological sites all over the country.

Lees verder in: The Courier (juli 2003)