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"Egyptian-French team re-assemble Hatshepsut's shrine"

Egyptian-French team re-assemble Hatshepsut's shrine
trefwoorden: Egypte - Hatshepsoet - tempel
The Temple of Hatshepsut is the best preserved of the three temples in Deir Al Bahari, a religious site on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor.
The temple, built by architect and chief steward Sesenmut, consists of three colonnaded terraces and is decorated with reliefs depicting the divine birth of the queen and scenes of her trade mission to the Land of Punt. But the queen's shrine was not found in the temple, but stones from the red granite sarcophagus of Hatshebsut were found on the site of the Karnak Temple, and thereby hangs a tale.

Lees verder in: Egypt Online (10 juli 2003)