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"Children Visit Neolithic Project"

Children visit Neolithic project
trefwoorden: late steentijd - kinderen - aardewerk - vuursteen
More than 150 of the Island's school children experienced one of the most important Neoloithic sites in the British Isles when they visited the Billown Neolithic Landscape Project last week.
Students from Ballacottier, Laxey, Peel Clothworkers and St John's schools were shown around the excavation work done by Bournemouth University in conjunction with Manx National Heritage.
Excavations this year have covered the final part of the field. They have revealed a Neolithic ditch filled with broken pottery and worked flint, some more cobbled pathways similar to the Bronze Age farmyard found last season and an Iron Age ring-ditch forming the foundation of a circle of closely-set posts. Another complex of pits filled with burnt material from domestic hearths and metalworking has also been found.

Lees verder in: Isle of Man Online (12 juli 2003)