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"Museum, divers share items from Dutch wrecks"

Museum, divers share items from Dutch wrecks
trefwoorden: VOC-schepen - Kaapstad - Tafelbaai - onderwaterarcheologie
Spread out on tables in Fort Wynyard in Cape Town lie bits of broken porcelain, miniature vases, a tot measure, cannonballs and a firebomb.
They are artefacts recovered from two Dutch East India Company ships that sank in Table Bay during a storm in 1697.
The Oosterland and the Waddingxveen were returning to Holland with a cargo from the East when they were hit by one of the infamous Cape winter storms while anchored in Table Bay.
Eye-witness accounts recorded in documents in archives in Holland and Cape Town say that on May 24 the wind was strong and "the sea angry and increased in force so that waves broke over the masts".

Lees verder in: IOL (9 juli 2003)