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"Britains most northerly Roman find"

Britains most northerly Roman find
trefwoorden: Engeland - romeinse tijd - oudste vondst
Archaeologists from the Unst Archaeological Group in the Shetlands can lay claim to a unique and exciting achievement having just discovered the UK’s most northerly Roman Brooch.
Unearthed during recent excavations at Norwick, the brooch, which dates from somewhere between 50BC and 50AD, may have begun life as far away as Frankfurt according to experts at the British Museum. It was probably traded several times on its lengthy journey northwards and would have represented a very valuable curio for its lucky Pictish owner.
Archaeologist Owen Cambridge from Shetland Amenity Trust who assisted the group during the dig was delighted with the find, he said “The group has worked very hard during this excavation and it’s great they have got something like this to show for all their labours”.

Gelezen bij: Alpha Galileo (9 juli 2003)