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"Archaeological excavation season starts in Yozgat"

Archaeological excavation season starts in Yozgat
trefwoorden: Turkije - Yozgat - opgraving - Pteria - 6e eeuw BCE
The multinational archeological excavations started in Kerkenes, Cadirhoyuk and Buyuknefes regions in central province of Yozgat.
Officials at the Yozgat Governor's Office told the A.A correspondent on Saturday that during excavations, which were started under the chairmanship of Dr. Geoffrey Summers in 1993 in Kerkenes Mountain near Sahmuratli village in Sorgun town of Yozgat, traces of Pteria, the biggest city of the Iron Age, were found.
The ivory plate, which was unearthed during the excavations in Kerkenes, was handed over to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara.

Lees verder in: Turkish Press (6 juli 2003)