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"Raiders of Angkor Wat's relics"

Raiders of Angkor Wat's relics
trefwoorden: Cambodja - Angkor Wat - tempels - relikwie
Thieves, tourists top list of dangers to Khmer culture Corruption also killing `goose that lays golden egg'
Tucked away in three sprawling warehouses near the fabled temples of Angkor Wat, thousands of stunning Khmer relics are kept under lock and key by government archaeologists.
Behind the scenes, they are safeguarding the future of their country's past by keeping their most precious relics beyond the reach of plunderers.
Thousands of tourists thronging the nearby World Heritage site are most likely oblivious to the rows of stone antiquities hidden out of sight. The dusty compound is like a forgotten morgue where orphaned statues, severed heads, stone carcasses and defaced Buddhas languish in obscurity.

Lees verder in: The Toronto Star (6 juli 2003)