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"Wonderful monuments of Hur Moheb opens its doors to visitors"

Wonderful monuments of Hur Moheb opens its doors
trefwoorden: Egypte - Luxor - graf - koning Hur Moheb
In a visit to Luxor city, the camera of Al-Ahram recorded the huge efforts of the Antiquity Authority in repairing our monuments and saving it from the factors of time.
The hand of repairing was extended to highlight the beauty of one of the most beautiful royal Egyptian tombs in the western bank in Luxor. The repairing work turned king Hur Moheb tomb in the Kings Valley to a dazzling masterpiece for visitors. It included accurate repairing in all the elements of the tomb and the operations of fixing its colors as done in the wooden grounds. The system of the new lighting highlights the beauty of ornaments and the magical colors.
Lees verder bij: Egypte Online (5 juli 2003)