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"Ancient tomb found in China"

Ancient tomb found in China
trefwoorden: China - 5e eeuw BCE - Ba koning - graf
CHINESE archaeologists have unearthed a spectacular tomb thought to be more than 2500 years old, probably belonging to a ruler of the mysterious Ba Kingdom.
Along with more than 500 bronze objects, the skeletons of two women and a man were found, face up and pointed east. Archaeologists said they had probably been servants or vassals of a Ba king, buried with him as human sacrifices.
The site at Luo Jiaba in Xuanhan county, Sichuan province, was first discovered in 1987, and has been under excavation since 1996. The latest discoveries, made late last month, were typical of a luxury tomb, seeming to confirm the archaeologists' belief that a Ba king might lie nearby. Thirty-one tombs have been found in the area.
Lees verder in: The Australian (2 juli 2003)