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"Archeologists find 2000-year-old priest dwellings"

Archeologists find 2000-year-old priest dwellings
trefwoorden: Egypte - romeinse tijd - priester - verblijf
Egyptian and German archeologists in southern Egypt said they had found the dwellings of priests who officiated at the necropolis of Thoth, the god of wisdom.
"The immense building of dwellings for the priests of the necropolis of sacred animals who symbolized the god Thoth was found in the area of Tuna Al Gebel and has 50 rooms," the Egyptian head of mission, Abdel Halim Nur Eddine, said.
The dwellings were found in Minya, some 200 kilometers (120 miles) south of Cairo.
Lees verder bij: Egypt Online (juli 2003)