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"Syria reactivates parts of ancient water system"

Syria reactivates parts of ancient water system
trefwoorden: SyriŽ - Aleppo - Romeinse tijd - ByzantiŽ - kanalen
An environmentally friendly network was originally built during Roman times and now used again.
ďHave some water, itís clean enough to drink,Ē say some women of Shalala Saghira (little falls), as they draw water from restored qanats (canals) and carry buckets of it on their heads to their small homes in the hills near Aleppo. The village, located approximately 70 kilometers southeast of Aleppo near the town of Khanasser, is the first in Syria to have its qanats, which date from Byzantine times, reactivated. This program, in partnership with the International Center for Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) and the directorate of the National Museum of Aleppo, gives the locals of Shalala Saghira the chance to use this ancient yet clean and efficient way of getting their water.
Lees verder in: The Daily Star Online (1 juli 2003)