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"The chair of the man who became a Roman"

The chair of the man who became a Roman
trefwoorden: Romeinse tijd - ijzertijd - graf -
Roman burial in St Albans. The burial was on the edge of the famous 'King Harry Lane' cemetery - the largest late Iron Age/early Romano-British cemetery ever found in Britain.
It had been excavated in the 1960s by Ian Stead in advance of a housing development.
It was 1989, and the developers were only now getting around to building houses on the site. The discovery came about when our local electricity board made a breach in a medieval hedgebank to lay some cables, and a metal detectorist moved in, found a bronze Roman bowl, took it to the British Museum - and they rang me. I was the field archaeologist at Verulamium Museum, and although I had been keeping an eye on the development, this was the first I heard of the detectorist's find.
So I went up to the site straightaway, had a good scrape round, and saw the outline of a big square grave-cut. It had only survived because it was under the hedgebank.
Lees verder in: British Archaeology Magazine (nr. 70, mei 2003)