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"Evidence reveals peaceful Roman occupation of Scotland"

Evidence reveals peaceful Roman occupation of Scotland
trefwoorden: Romeinse tijd - Schotland - bezetting - vrede
The initial Roman occupation of central Scotland was achieved relatively peacefully, perhaps with native consent, and it lasted up to 15 years - much longer than previously thought, according to new research.
Recent evidence from the 'Gask frontier' - the earliest land frontier in the Roman Empire - indicates that it was established in the 70s AD rather than the mid-80s, before being abandoned sometime after 86. The frontier consists of a network of forts, fortlets and watchtowers between Stirling and Perth centred on the legionary fortress of Inchtuthil. Its purpose was to control the main route between southern Scotland and the north, where the A9 road runs today.
Lees verder in: British Archaeology Magazine (nr. 70, mei 2003)