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"Silbury Hill"

Great Sites: Silbury Hill
trefwoorden: Silbury Hill - prehistorie - berg
Archaeologists have been intrigued by Europe's largest prehistoric mound for centuries. David Field reports on new work that overturns some old ideas.
Great sites rarely come much greater than Silbury Hill - at least in terms of scale. This giant Neolithic tumulus near Avebury, the largest man-made prehistoric mound in Europe, has been a source of observation, speculation and wishful thinking for hundreds if not thousands of years.
Antiquaries and archaeologists have been visiting the site since at least the 17th century, and since then Silbury Hill has been interpreted variously as the burial place of an Ancient-British or Roman king, a platform for druid sacrifice, an astronomical observatory, a part of the Avebury temple, a temple to Mercury, a mound for assemblies and law making and a medieval motte.
Lees verder bij: British Archaeology Magazine (deel 70, mei 2003)