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"Mother Stonehenge"

Mother Stonehenge
trefwoorden: Stonehenge - moeder - vagina - positie stenen
Anthony Perks, an endocrinologist and professor of gynecology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, sees a symbolic meaning in Stonehenge that other researchers have overlooked
The 50-ton stones trace the shape of a human vulva, he says. Archaeologists have long puzzled over the inner arches of Stonehenge, which consist of paired, capped stones, one of which is rough and the other rubbed smooth.
Perks's theory could explain this formation. "In the female, estrogens make the skin softer and smoother than in the male. It struck me that here's the reason the two are united by a lintel over the top: They're the mothers and fathers of the past," Perks says.
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