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"Unique Silver Amulet Found in Moscow Region"

Unique Silver Amulet Found in Moscow Region
trefwoorden: Moskou - amulet - 12e eeuw - christelijk - heidens
The unique amulet combines a Chistian and a Pagan images and is a unique archaeological discovery.
The silver amulet dates back to the 12th century and was found at a building site in the Moscow region where the DON-Stroi construction company is building a new house for the Moscow regional administration. The rare amulet was found by workers of the Archaeology Institute.
The DON-Stroi press-service reported on Monday that a scene of Christ's baptizing in the Jordan River is coined on the face of a round plate of 4 centimeters in diameter. On the reverse side, there is a fantastic creature with woman's body and 11 snakes growing out of her legs.
As we know from the Slav legends, a woman with snakes instead of the hair is a modification of the antique Gorgon Meduse; a glance at her face inevitably entails death. One of the Magi, who managed to decapitate the Gorgon, acquired miraculous strength. Another transformation of the Gorgon image in the Slav apocryphal stories is the beast of Gorgonia that guards the Eden from humans after the Fall of man. Iconography of the Gorgon head is typical of popular Byzantine and Old Russian amulets.
Lees verder in de Pravda (26 juni 2003)