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"The big dig in Bellingham"

The big dig in Bellingham
trefwoorden: Romeinse tijd - nederzetting - Bellingham - Engeland
A team of archaeologists searching for a Roman road believe they have discovered the remains of a settlement.
The remains of a quarry and building materials used in the fourth century were found during the first fortnight of a five-week excavation.
The dig, at Firhill Playing Fields, Bellingham, is being carried out by Birbeck College, University of London, before the site is transformed into modern sports playing fields.
Archaeology course director Harvey Sheldon said: "The excavation is going very well, but we have not found the Roman road which went from Walting Street through Brockley and Bellingham to the North Downs and Lewes on the south coast.
Lees verder bij: IOL South London (28 juni 2003)