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"The Value of Archaeology"

The Value of Archaeology
trefwoorden: Malta - waarde - archeologie
This article is meant to give a very brief overview of the value of archaeology in contemporary society in relation to the changing values of today’s world.
Part I will explore briefly the human value of archaeology. The second part, dealing with archaeology’s community and market value, will be published in the coming weeks.
Archaeology as a discipline is often considered to be a hobby, the desire of some people to obtain useless details on human evolution or long-vanished civilisations. Indeed, archaeologists must shoulder, at least, part of the blame for the present situation as they have failed to adequately explain and disseminate their findings in a way that is accessible and attractive to the public in general. Archaeologists have themselves created the ‘cultural consumer’ referred to by Tilley (Tilley 1989), that is, a public whose contribution is passive in nature, a helpless spectator being shown selected ‘treasures’ in a museum.
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