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"An ancient tomb of 2800 years was discovered at occupied Galatia village"

Ancient tomb of 2800 years was discovered
trefwoorden: GalatiŽ - 8e eeuw BCE - graf - geometrische periode
Kibris reports that an ancient tomb of a very important archaeological value was discovered at the occupied village of Galatia.
As the paper reports the tomb is dated on the 8th century B.C and belongs to the Geometric Period.
Inside the tomb the following archaeological items were found: 1 crater, 2 urns, 3 wine jugs, 2 bowls, 1 small cup, 1 oil lamb in the shape of the cover of an oyster and 1 big decorated wine amphora. Along with these items a turquoise scarab was discovered. The paper also writes that a year ago another tomb, of the Roman Period, was discovered 400 meters far from this tomb.
Bron: Hellinistic Resource Network (26 juni 2003)