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"Shroud of germs"

Shroud of germs
trefwoorden: lijkwade - Turijn - bacteriŽn
Stephen Mattingly believes the Turin shroud was 'painted' by bacteria from a dying man's body.
Laura Spinney meets the Catholic microbiologist challenging the medieval hoax theory.
The image of a tall, bearded man bearing the marks of crucifixion that adorn the Turin shroud has never been adequately explained. Those who have attempted to answer the vexed question of the shroud's origins have often found themselves accused of poor science, even vested interests. So it is a brave man who enters the fray with a new and ultimately unprovable theory. But a respected American microbiologist has done just that, and is so convinced he is right, he has lathered himself in germs and put his professional reputation on the line to persuade the rest of us.
Lees verder in de: Guardian (12 juni 2003)