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"1,000-year-old coffin opened on live TV"

1,000-year-old coffin opened on live TV
trefwoorden: MongoliŽ - 1000 jaar - kist
Chinese archaeologists have opened a 1,000-year-old casket live on national television, revealing what they believe to be the body of an ancient tribal nobleman.
The Mystery of the 1,000-year-old Coffin was broadcast across the country on the lunchtime news from a research centre in Inner Mongolia. The scientists, wearing rubber gloves and face masks and surrounded by police guards, first lifted off the cover of an outer sarcophagus.
They then opened the inner coffin, revealing a body covered in a silk blanket and wearing a necklace, bells around the ankles and a metal-studded mask and helmet.
Lees verder bij: Ananova (12 juni 2003)