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"The great plumbing puzzle of ancient Samos"

The great plumbing puzzle of ancient Samos
trefwoorden: Samos - 6e eeuw BCE - watertunnel
Around 535 BC, Eupalinus designed a water tunnel; to this day nobody has been able to work out how it was made.
"I have spent longer on the history of the Samians than I should otherwise have done," writes Herodotus, "because they are responsible for three of the greatest building and engineering feats in the Greek world."
There are lots of reasons for visiting Samos - the mountain ranges (Mt Kerkis at 1,434m is the highest in the Aegean), the secluded beaches of the southwest, the mountain villages with their peaceful plateias and panoramic views (Mili is a prime example), the famous local wine, the orchids, the greenery. But on this occasion, it was Herodotus' intriguing claim that drew me to the island.
Lees verder bij: Athens News (10 juni 2003)