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"Looters prey on unprotected area around Petrified Forest"

Looters prey on unprotected area around Petrified Forest
trefwoorden: versteend bos - plunderen - Anasazi - Arizona
At least twice a week Larry Baldwin will hop into his canary yellow Ford Ranger and zigzag through the eastern Arizona desert, bouncing along bumpy gravel roads in search of poachers.
He's certainly not trying to sneak up on anyone. The truck is a sure sign of that, and most times he won't come across a single person all day. But to his trained eye it's obvious they've been there.
For a little over two years, Baldwin, a 49-year-old private investigator, has been monitoring a privately owned parcel of land bordering the Blue Mesa area of Petrified Forest National Park. This watchdog's job is to protect the land of his boss, Robert Worsley, from an array of thieves who are trampling archeological sites, digging up ancient Anasazi burial grounds to steal valuable pottery, and trucking off chunks of fossilized wood at an alarming rate.
Lees verder in de: Boston Globe (8 juni 2003)