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"Siena unveils hidden fresco masterpieces missing for 700 years"

Siena unveils hidden fresco masterpieces missing for 700 years
trefwoorden: 13e eeuw - fresco - Siena - kathedraal
The uniquely preserved medieval frescos found in the crypt beneath Siena Cathedral have gone on show for the first time.
Only four people in the world had seen the cycle of vibrantly coloured frescos until last week. They are believed to have been painted in 1285, possibly by the influential Sienese artist, Duccio di Buoninsegna.
Art historians have been astounded by the condition of the frescos. They are so well preserved that they appear much as they would have looked when first painted.
No other medieval fresco cycle in the world has survived in such good condition.
Lees verder in: The Telegraph (8 juni 2003)