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"Looters dig into Afghanistan's ancient heritage"

Looters dig into Afghanistan's ancient heritage
trefwoorden: Afghanisatn - plundering - oudheden - Engeland
Looted antiquities are being smuggled from Afghanistan by the lorry-load, with huge quantities of objects making their way to Britain, experts said yesterday.
Scotland Yard has just seized several hoards of recently illegally excavated ancient treasures worth millions of pounds. They include sculptures in stone, bronze and terracotta that may have come from temple sites, and that range in date from the third millennium BC to the 5th century AD.
On a visit to London three weeks ago, a French expert was shown an important Bronze Age bowl that had come to Britain after being stolen in Kabul. A private collector had bought it in good faith.
Hundreds of other ancient pieces in ivory, gold and silver have been offered at Pakistani bazaars before heading for private collections worldwide.
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