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"Found: Queen Nefertitiís mummy"

Found: Queen Nefertitiís mummy
trefwoorden: Nefertiti - Egypte - mummie - vondst
British archeologists believe they may have identified the body of one of the most legendary beauties of the ancient world.
They are confident a tattered mummy found in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings is probably Queen Nefertiti, stepmother of the boy king Tutankhamun and one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt.
The conclusion has been made after 12 years of research, using clues such as fragments of a wig and the piercing of the mummyís ears. The breakthrough came after the Egyptian authorities allowed the 3,500-year-old body to be examined in detail for the first time.
Lees verder in de Times Online (8 juni 2003)