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"Strathnaver Trail stretches back 6000 years"

Strathnaver Trail stretches back 6000 years
trefwoorden: 4000 BCE - pad - opening
To many, the name Strathnaver is synonymous with the dramatic events of the early 19th century, when much of that fertile valley was cleared of its people to make way for sheep.
Yet that grim episode formed only a small part of the long and rich history of the strath, a heritage of human occupation stretching back 6000 years and encompassing all the main divisions of archaeology and history, from the neolithic to the present time.
This was the theme taken by Jim A Johnston, researcher for the Strathnaver Trail Project, in an illustrated address to the crowd at an event in Bettyhill on Friday afternoon to celebrate the official opening of the trail.
Lees verder in de Northern Times (6 juni 2003)