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"Dig unearths vital piece of town's past"

Dig unearths vital piece of town's past
trefwoorden: Worcester - 17e eeuw - Civil War - ditch
An archaeological find from the Civil War era was so significant that printing of a book about the period had to be stopped to include it.
Part of a defence ditch dating back to the 1640s was discovered during an excavation in Rynal Place prior to building work. The V-shaped ditch, 15ft wide and 6ft deep, is further south than originally thought and meant that Civil War in Evesham, by Malcolm Atkin, needed to be updated.
"This discovery has helped us define the map of the area during the Civil War, and is a key piece of evidence that has never been picked up before," said Kirsty Nichol, of the University of Birmingham's Field Archaeological Unit, which made the find.
Mike Glyde, planning archaeologist at Worcestershire County Council, added: "These are exciting and fascinating discoveries. We believed archaeological remains were likely to occur on the site but we didn't expect a find like this."
bron: This Is Worcestershire, 4 juni 2003