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"Diggers jungle bound"

Diggers jungle bound
trefwoorden: verhalen - mammoeten - conquistadores - Nicaragua
A University of Calgary archaeological team will go on search in Central America.
They hope to unearth tales of woolly mammoths, Spanish Conquistadors and early Nicaraguans in the jungles. Dr. Geoff McCafferty will lead the group of nine U of C students later this month when they uncover the history of the Nahua people in the centuries before the arrival of the colonizing Spaniards in 1530.
"These people are most famous for including the Aztecs and Toltec people of Mexico, so when the Spanish arrived, they were amazed to find people with the same culture living so far south," said McCafferty, adding the team will perform some of the first serious archaeology done in Nicaragua.
The Calgarians, joined by students and archaeologists from Mexico, Colombia and Nicaragua, will also uncover the remains of a mammoth discovered near the Nahua site.
"We hope that will have associated evidence of hunting," said McCafferty of the massive mammals stalked to extinction 10,000 years ago. It's hoped the work will give birth to a tourism industry bolstered by archaeology that's found in Mexico, he said.
Some artifacts from the digs that include 30 to 40 house mounds may be brought back to Calgary for analysis before being returned to Nicaragua, he added.
bron: Canoe, 4 juni 2003