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"Durga idol excavated from Betwa River"

Durga idol excavated from Betwa River
trefwoorden: Godin - beeldje - Durga - 11e eeuw - Betwa
An ancient idol of Goddess Durga, belonging to 11th or 12th century, was recovered during the digging of Betwa River through people's participation.
The goddess is depicted killing Demon Mahishasur in the idol. Vidisha Collector Ms Sudha Chaudhary handed over the idol to Dr DK Mathur of Archaeological Museum on Tuesday.
Earlier ancient statue of Bhairavnath was found in village Gyaraspur of Vidisha district. Ancient coins were also found in Betwa.
The deepening of river Betwa is being done through people's participation. According to Department of archaeology Goddess Durga is engraved on a greenish grey stone. It is 14 inch in length and six inches in width. According to experts the idol belongs to 11th or 12th century.
bron: Central Chronicle, 4 juni 2003