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"250 years The British Museum"

250 years The British Museum
trefwoorden: British Musuem - 250 jaar
June 7 2003: Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of The British Museum
The British Museum will mark this important day with a celebration of global cultures; dance, stories, music, myths and legends from around the world. Celebratory events for 7th June will include readings by Alan Bennett, Vikram Seth, Sandi Toksvig, BBC's Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq and others in the Round Reading Room, the famous library in the centre of the Great Court.
There will be music, dance and stories in all parts of the Museum on this day with performances from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra complemented by world music ranging from dramatic Indian dohl drummers and the enchanting melodies of Japanese shakuhachi. Dozens of stories, passed down to us over the generations or rediscovered by the work of archaeologists and historians will take the visitor around the world, from West African tales of Yoruba spirits to fabulous folk tales from Arab traditions and modern versions of some of the oldest Mesopotamian myths known. Children and adults from The Place will perform dance inspired by the collections and the Museum's forecourt will be invaded by a horde of Vikings.
There will be a display of the winning entries to the British Museum/ BBC TV Blue Peter poster competition to commemorate the anniversary.

About the British Museum
Founded by an Act of Parliament, the British Museum was the first national public museum in the world - the first to belong to a nation rather than a monarch or private patron, established for the nation's benefit, its collection available to every citizen, to all 'studious and curious' people regardless of rank or status, free of charge.
From the very beginning, the British Museum has seen itself as a world museum, at first in the sense that its collection was drawn from across the world; more recently in the sense that it is for the world, reflecting a global heritage to its increasing numbers of visitors from Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas as well as from Britain itself. More than five million people visit it every year, making it, together with the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the State Hermitage in St Petersburg, one of the world's most popular museums.

Exhibitions and events
Museum of the Mind: Art and Memory in World Cultures (Until 7 September 2003)
Medicine Man: The Forgotten Museum of Henry Wellcome (26 June - 16 November 2003)
London, 1753 (Until 23 November 2003)
The Wellcome Trust Gallery (October 2003 )
Treasure: Finding Our Past (21 November 2003 - 14 March 2004)
Enlightenment: Discovering the World in the 18th Century (in the newly-restored King's Library in December)
bron: The British Museum, mei 2003