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"Nemrut Statues to Be Moved to Museum"

Nemrut Statues to Be Moved to Museum
trefwoorden: Mount Nemrut - beelden - 2.000 jaar - 1e eeuw BCE
The mammoth 2,000-year-old statues located atop Mt. Nemrut in southeastern Turkey will reportedly be removed to a museum and replaced by copies.
The switch is planned within the framework of a joint project conducted by the International Nemrut Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and financed by Akbank.
Professor Herman Brijder, team leader of the project from the University of Amsterdam, said they had decided to exhibit the artifacts, which have been worn down by the ravages of time, in a museum to be built at a future date at the termination of the project, which was envisioned to continue for a total of 10 years.
Addressing a press briefing held at the Akbank Culture and Art Center, Brijder said they had documented and classified archeological finds at the site over the past two years and that they would be especially interested in restoration endeavors to start this year. Explaining that the first goal of their project was the "Restoration House," Brijder said that they had planned for expert restoration of the sandstone statues and reliefs dating from the Commagene dynasty and constructed around 64-39 B.C. Noting that the situation of the Lion (Leo) horoscope statue was critical, Brijder said it would be first on the list for restoration. Restoration experts from Italy, Germany and Turkey along with archaeologists are conducting the project at Nemrut.
Culture and Tourism Ministry Undersecretary Alpay Pasinli and Akbank Assistant General Director Hayri Culhaci participated in the press briefing along with Professor Brijder.
bron: Zaman Daily, 1 juni 2003