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"Anatolia - Home to First Civilization on Earth?"

Anatolia - Home to first civilization on earth?
trefwoorden: Anatolia - first civilization - Aslantepe - Malatya
Prof. Dr. Marcella Frangipane is trying to convince scientists that Anatolia is the source of civilization on earth, and not Mesopotamia, as historians have claimed.
After 13 years of work in the Aslantepe Mound Orduzu, Malatya, Frangipane says the archefacts he uncovered prove that the first civilization was established in Anatolia. According to Frangipane, the swords he found in Aslantepe and the palace, are the oldest in the world. These findings contradict everything in history books. Frangipane held a seminar, accompanied by a slide show, entitled 'Anatolia and Birth of State' for academics at the Turkish Embassy in Rome. While finding his assertions 'striking', Italian experts said they wanted to discuss the subject in a larger scientific forum.

Frangipane's ideas rock Italian and Global scientific circles
With Turkey unable to promote Aslantepe, the first excavations were done by the French in the 1930's. Their research has been continued by Italian Rome La Sapienza University archeologists since 1961. The Italians have covered all the costs, including the hiring of a custodian to protect the artifacts. Frangipane works hard to publicise his findings, which will earn Anatolia a place in history. Turkey, however cannot sufficiently promote it. Aslantepe was a city from 5000BC to 712BC, until the Asyrian invasion, and was later abandoned for a long time. It then became a Roman village from 500 to 600AD, and later the Byzantine necropolis. The first palace in the world was built in Aslantepe in 3350BC. There are storage chambers, a corridor, a courtyard and a temple in the palace.
bron: Zaman Daily, 31 mei 2003