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Missgien's Malta Experience

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Missgien's Malta Experience
Views of Valletta

View over Valletta taken from Fort St. Elmo's, which is on the north of the city. St. Elmo's is one of the older forts, which existed before Valletta was built.
On the south site of the city is the Main Gate. On top of that gate this picture was taken of Valletta's suburb Floriana and the Three Cities on the other site of Grand Harbour.
Returning from our boat trip we past Valletta while entering the smaller harbour of Sliema. Too bad the weather was not too good at that time.
The setting sun makes the Three Cities, opposite of the Grand Harbour, look like gold. View from the balcony of British Hotel Restaurant.
Part of the movie "Midnight Express" was shot at Malta. On this picture, and the one below, you see a part of Fort St. Elmo's. In the movie it was the courtyard of the prison.
On Tuesday night we found out that a small jazzband was playing in the Upper Barracca Gardens. This was a nice surprise!!
Valletta picked 'our' week to promote it's rich history. Part of that manifestation was people walking around in Middle-Age clothes; to the left: the official proclamator for the City, in the middle and to the right: people in civilian clothes.

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