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Near the entrance of the Tarxien temple complex lay a bunch of round stones. It is suggested that these stones were used to role the megaliths to their place. On the foreground: that's Geert, of course.
This water basin is appr. 1 meter high. It is now made of several pieces put together by archeologists, but originally it was hewn out of a solid piece of rock.
Caught reading my book about Tarxien... You didn't I knew this all just like that, did ya?
A statue of the Magna Mater, the Great Mother, who was worshipped in this and the other temples. This statue must have been over 2 meters high, when is was complete. This is a copy, the original is (among most of the founding on the sites) to be seen in the National Museum for Archeology in Valletta.
As well in Tarxien, as in the other temples smaller statues (between 5 and 12 cm. high) have been found, all representing the same big woman: Magna Mater.
The inner niche of the South Temple, in front of this niche (not on the photo) is a raised treshold, which seems to inhibit access to the innermost part of the temple: this might have been the holiest of holy of Tarxien.
Apart from the greater building are these smaller parts. This outer temple has been found on most of the temple sites, but it's use has not yet been cleared.
Remarkable steps, leading to.... who can tell. As far as we know Tarxien had only one level.
The temple at Tarxien is richly decorated with spirals and animals. Below are several examples.

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