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Unfortunately, I ran out of batteries for my camera at Mnajdra and my backups were not very helpfull either. So only four pictures of this temple could be taken. :(
A beautiful example of a thriliton at Mnajdra.
Just like in Tarxien, mushroom shaped althars can be seen at Mnajdra.
At the middle temple you can see this corbelling walls. Note how smaller pieces of stone are used to cover up the wholes. On a earlier example you could see how neatly it was shaped at Hagar Qim. This could mean that Mnajdra is older but then again, perhaps the builders might have been lazier... who's to tell?
I just could not resist and had to take a peek inside. Well, I got caught. Mnajdra was the only temple we visited that were you could walk around free and see every little corner that was to been seen. And believe me: there are lots and lots of them!! ;-)

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