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The silent city

Between Rabat and Mdina there is a park, called "Howard's Gardens". Here we stopped to have a good look around: the view is amazing! Although Rabat/Mdina is in the centre of Malta, it is situated so high that you can see the Mediterranean at the northsite of the island, as you can see on top of this picture. On the right site a piece of Mdina's impressive citywalls.
Another view from "Howard's Gardens": the citywalls of Mdina and the towers of the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in the back.
The ramparts on the nothern site of the citywalls of Mdina gives us a great view aswell.
As Malta has 365 churches (one for each day of the year, so it seems) I could at least visit one. This is the Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul. To be honest, I was not too impressed by the interior.
A closer look at the door of the church. To get in the cathedral, we had to use the site door. This one seems to be there only for decoration. There was no evidence of an entrance at the inside of the church at this point.
Right next door to the cathedral were these houses. Especially the middle one was very beautiful decorated.
"C'mon, gimme that look!", he said. So, I looked :)

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