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Missgien's Malta Experience

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We had decided on taking a boattour to Comino and the Blue Lagoon on the last full day of our holiday. Unfortunately the weather gods decided to give Malta a spring shower and a lot of clouds. The hotel keeper assured us that the rain and the clouds would leave and the sun would come out, sowe decided to take a chance.
Here's the boat of Captain Morgaine Cruises that picked us up at the harbour of the Gozo ferry. It's obvious the weather had not yet changed...
Near to Popeye Village (built especially for the 1981 Popeye movie with Robin Williams in the title role) we saw this beauty of Mother Nature's architecture.
Geert on the front end of the boat. As you can see, it was rather windy, but oh! did we have fun on that boat!
Our first view on the Blue Lagoon - these waters are between Comino and Cominotto. The water seems like emerald and azur!
"Our" boat in the Blue Lagoon. After a great lunch we took off to visit the island.
Other boats of Captain Morgan Cruises also visited the Blue Lagoon. In the back you can see Malta's sister island: Gozo.
This small island is called "Cominotto". The Blue Lagoon is between this tiny island (0.2 sq. km.) and Comino itself.
Here you can clearly see the difference of the water colours: the darkblue waters are the mediterranean, the emerald blue is the Blue Lagoon. I have not been able to found out what makes the waters of the Lagoon look to differently. In the back is Gozo.
A local inhabitant.... lots and lots of lizards crawled around the island.
As you can see, the clouds had drifted away by now and the sun shone happily. So, I decided I had to take a swim. I can tell you: the water is freezing at the end of April! ;)
I survived, as you can see, but I was happy to go back on the beach and get warmed up by the sun. However: I can recommend going to the Blue Lagoon - it was quite an experience!
All dressed and warmed up again, we headed back for the boat which brought us back to the harbour of Sliema. Although the day started with rain, it ended with sunshine and a typical Maltese greeting: Sahha!

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