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Doornroosje (Nijmegen), September 6, 2000
Because I had to leave the concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam (September 3rd) early I decided to take a rain check at the Nijmegen concert in Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty). I've known Roosje for years: I worked there when I saw the band playing there. The first visit ever was in 042, which unfortunately does not exist anymore.
Going to the Nijmegen concert I took a friend who had never seen the band play before and I saw on his face what I saw with a lot of 'first time visitors' (including myself): complete astonishment over what went on on stage! He loved it!
The Paradiso-concert was good, but the Nijmegen concert was absolutely fabulous! 4 hours of hot temperatured high quality music in various styles: blues, rock, funk - you name it. I had a great time!
My thanx to Guy, George, Gil T and Frosty: it was amazing experience. Again!

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