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Noah's Ark
God won't destroy humanity again because the human race is capable of destroying itself

The movie
Jon Voight is Noah in a great miniseries about the Biblical hero who built the ark. Amazing special effects, computerized creatures and a cast of thousands of animals combine to tell a story of literally Biblical proportions.
The twin sin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are in the midst of battle.Noah does not fight with them but attends the wounded. Later, on Mount Topek, God warns Noah to take his family and leave the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. Noah tries to warn the people, but only his best friend, Lot, takes his advice and escapes. Lotís wife is not so lucky as she is turned into a pillar of salt when she looks behind her upon fleeing the city. However, Lot eventually gets involved with a gang of thieves and becomes a sinner.
Years later, God instructs Noah and his three sons, Japheth, Shem and Ham, to build a huge boat thatís large enough to hold two of every animal. God is planning to destroy the world and make a fresh start with Noahís family and divinely-selected animals. As Noah builds the boat, villagers mock him because they are in the midst of a long drought, with no water to be found anywhere. With Godís help, the ark is completed overnight. One of the villagers, Jezer, leads a mob against Noah so they can burn the ark.

Suddenly, the rain begins to fall and Noah quickly makes sure that all of the animals are in place on the ark. Carrying Noah, Naamah, their three sons and their sonís girlfriends, Ruth, Esther and Miriam, the ark floats across miles of water as it rains. The villagers look up in terror as waves rush in and engulf the entire city.
When the rains cease and the sun comes up, not all people have died: a crew of a pirate ships led by Lot, attacks the ark. The animals join in the fight against the pirates and God destroys it, informing Noah that they are now the only people left on earth.
Noah and his family go stir-crazy as they try to fend for themselves and search for dry land without Godís divine intervention. As the ark drifts endlessly, Noah and his family must fight off a giant squid along with the increasing madness and mental exhaustion that rapidly spread on board.

Noah eventually cries out for God and in response, the ark sails into a rainbow. They come upon a forest, atop Mount Ararat, where there arenít any sounds, birds, beasts or insects. As the animals disembark from the boat, Noah and Naamah say goodbye to them. In his role as Captain of the ship, Noah performs a wedding ceremony for his sons and their girlfriend. Civilization has now earned a second chance as both man and beast are ready to begin anew.

My view
I loved the miniseries!
The writers do not follow the biblical timeline, but put Noah in Sodom and Gommorra (which are destroyed ages after the flood according to Genesis) and makes Lot his best friend, although Lot is -again according to the bible- Abraham's cousin. It is shown clearly that no one but Noah has ever heard of this One God and even Namaah seems to accept the fact that Noah believes in this god, but does she?
Than there's the part in which God tells Noah he's not so sure that Noah and his family can stay alive aswell... God is not so sure of himself in this version of the story.
Another great part is that God speaks with Noah's voice for "I have created you in my own image, you are Me and I am you". Nice view: there's diviness in all of us.

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