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Y Gododdin

Celtic Historic Literature by Aneirin, translation by Joseph Clancy


He thrust beyond three hundred, most bold, he cut down the centre and far wing.
He proved worthy, leading noble men; he gave from his herd steeds for winter.
He brought black crows to a fort's wall, though he was not Arthur.
He made his strength a refuge, the front line's bulwark, Gwawrddur.


His hand made a banquet for birds, I praise him, a man who stood firm,
A savage man, a slasher.
His garb was gold in the front line, in the fierce clash of steadfast men.
Strife's freckled wine-steward, third Terrible One, dreadful bear in the onslaught,
Strife's pursuer, war-band's fierce shouter, The long line's leader,
Glorious was Cipno fab Gwengad.