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Y Gododdin

Celtic Historic Literature by Aneirin, translation by Joseph Clancy


Beyond Iudew's sea, bold in battle, thrice as fierce as a fierce lion,
Bubon wrought, mighty in wrath.


His way: on a swift steed to fight for Gododdin leading war-loving men;
His way: he was like a fleet young stag;
His way: against Deifr's war-band he charged;
His way: Galystan's son, though not the lord, when he spoke his father listened;
His way: for Mynyddawg's sake, shields shattered;
His way: a red spear before Eidin's lord.


I saw his blades in the swarm fighting with a savage foe.
Before the shields' clangour men cowered.
They fled before Eidin's force, countless men.
The ones his hand found could not escape it.
A candle for him, a chant.
Stubborn, shield battered, when he was pressed, he pressed back.
He stabbed but once, he stabbed, he was stabbed.
Frequent after a feast his gift to a stranger.
He was grim in combat and before he was covered with clods of earth
Edar earned the right to drink his mead.

verses 98 & 99