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Y Gododdin

Celtic Historic Literature by Aneirin, translation by Joseph Clancy


Splendid the song, a war-band there was, soldiers surrounding Catraeth made war.
Bloody motley, trampled, was trod on.
Warriors were trampled, vengeance, mead's wages, with corpses, though great was the cost.
Cipno will not declare, after battle, though he took communion, he had his due.


Splendid the song, noble war-band, a roar of fire and thunder and flood.
Superb courage, strife-embroiled rider, red reaper, he hungered for battle.
Fervent fighter, wherever he heard the clash with that country's horde he charged,
Shield upon shield. He would lift a spear like a glass of sparkling wine.
Silver his vessels for mead: he deserved gold, wine-fed was Gwaednerth fab Llywri.


Splendid the song, bright the war-bands.
Before ruin came, Aeron's door-bolt, grey eagles gave praise to the chieftain's hand:
He furnished food for birds of prey.
For Mynyddawg's sake, ruler of men, he set himself against hostile spears.
Before Catraeth, keen were gold-torqued men: they thrust, they slaughtered those who stood firm.
There came from their lands, whelps of warfare, there fought but seldom, of Gododdin's Britons,
A better man than Cynon.

verses 65, 66, 67 & 68