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Y Gododdin

Celtic Historic Literature by Aneirin, translation by Joseph Clancy


Because of wine-feast and mead-feast they charged, men famed in fighting, heedless of life.
Bright ranks around cups, they joined to feast.
Wine and mead and bragget, these were theirs.
From Mynyddawg's banquet, grief-stricken my mind, many I lost of my true comrades.
Of three hundred champions who charged on Catraeth, it is tragic, but one man came back.


As he was when they rose together, like a bouncing ball, thus he'd be until his return.
Thus had the Gododdin wine and mead in Eidin, ruthless in strife, firm ranks.
And under Cadfannan a herd of red steeds, wild rider, at dawn.


Bar to Deifr's horde, snake with fierce sting, steadfast boulder before the host,
Terrible bear, killer, crusher, he trod on spears when battle came in an alder trench.
Lord Nedig's heir, his anger served a feast for birds from battle's din.
You are rightly called, for your savage deed, the foremost lord, wall of the war-band,
Merin ap Madain, blessed your birth.

verses 62, 63 & 64