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The Batavians, or Batavii as the Romans called them, were a Germanic tribe who moved around 100 BCE from present day Germany by following the River Rhine, to the area near to what now is Nijmegen and De Betuwe.
We would probably not have known as much about them as we know now, if there wouldn't have been a young brave Batavian called Gaius (or Claudius) Julius Civilis who was mostly refered to as "Julius Civilis".
This Julius was the leader of the Batavian Revolt which took place in 69 CE in the area now known as the border between Germany and the Netherlands, near Nijmegen.

The Batavians were romanized, however they kept their own religion and justice.

On these pages, you can read about the Batavians, what Tacitus wrote about them (apart from his books on the Revolt), a little about Julius Civilis and the seeress Veleda and extensively about the Revolt itself.

[Text on The Revolt, The Attack & The Empire largely by Jona Lendering, taken from his website at]