Ancient Britain



Mother of Arthur and me. She was married to Gorlois, duke of Cornwall, at the age of 15, and lived with him at Tintagel, a castle which ruins are still in Cornwall. I am Gorlois' daughter. Igraine was chosen by the Merlin and the Lady of the Lake to have Arthur. They told her that Uther Pendragon was to be the new King of All Britons and that she was chosen to be his queen. At a gathering at London Igraine and Uther first met. Because of a spell on the Moonstone that Igraine wore, Uther fell in love with her, the moment he saw her and he even asked Gorlois to get a divorce. Uther became the new King. Gorlois died on the battlefield and on the night he died, Uther Pendragon came to Tintagel. A spell by the hand of Merlin made everyone believe he was Gorlois. That way he could sleep with Igraine. After Gorlois' death, Uther married Igraine. Uther was, at that time, the King of all Britons. Out of this marriage Arthur was born. After Uther had died, Igraine became an nun.

My aunt, my mother's sister. Just like me Morgause had the Vision and the gift of magic, but she used them in an evil way. She made sure that Gwynnefar did not give birth to a child, by giving her poison which prevented her from becoming pregnant or carrying a child till it was full grown. Therefore, the story that Gwynnefar could not have children is not true. Morgause raised my son, Mordred, who was a child of Arthur, he was conceived in the night of Arthur's great test. I was a young virgin priestess chosen to lie with the Great Stag, which was Arthur. Only the next morning we realised what we had done. For many years Arthur did not know he had a son. Morgause was married to King Lot, they had four sons.

My eldest aunt who has been the Lady of the Lake for many years, she was the High Priestess of the Goddess. She and Merlin worked closely together to put Arthur on the throne. Her father is unknown, but she was raised with her sisters by Taliesin. She was the greatest of all High Priestesses. She was the mother of Lancelot and his halfbrother Balan, whose father is unknown. Viviane's influence on my life was huge!

Gwynnefar was a young girl of royal blood who was brought up at the Abbey of Glastonbury. Glastonbury is on the same island as where Avalon used to be. Gwennyfar and I met long before she became Arthur's wife. Lancelot was then with me, and it was on this occasion that he first fell in love with her. Gwynnefar became very devoted to the Christian belief and she used her influence on Arthur: because of that influence, Arthur did not keep his promises to the Goddess. Gwennyfar was convinced that the Goddess was a false god and therefore it was not necessary to obey. I always thought of her as a stupid little girl, but I surely did underestimate her in those days.

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